Badge, For King and Empire

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Badge, circular, with Union Jack over crown on red, white & blue enamel, and words 'For King and Empire'.
CH classification NUMISMATICS (MEDALS AND OTHER) Badges Civil
Production date
50 x 25 x 5 (incl. pin)
Media/Materials description
Brass (Metals - Non-Ferrous)
Enamel (Surface Treatments)
History and use
This badge was issued by the King and Empire Alliance for sympathisers of the Alliance in May 1919.

The King and Empire Alliance, originally called the United Loyalist Executive, first appeared in Queensland about 1919 in response to its members’ concerns about Australians’ relationship with the British Empire after World War 1. The objective of both organisations was to combat Bolshevism and disloyalty to the King and Empire and to maintain Australia’s links with Britain. It was one of many such organisations and alliances at the time.

Both organisations attracted considerable criticism from the Labor movement and others for their perceived anti Catholic, pro-capitalism, pro-Tory views. The Alliance appears to have been most active in New South Wales, and had petered out by the early 1930s.
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