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Draeger Diving Helmet, c.1916-1920 (German)
Shallow water diving helmet, 3 bolt, 4 light (window). Draeger used the French Denayrouze 3 bolt design as a basis for their helmets and then made adjustments.
MARITIME TECHNOLOGY Diving Diver's helmet
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Height 480mm (measured from base of corselet to highest point on bonnet)
Width 472mm (measured between two widest points of of the bonnet and corselet included)
Depth 462mm (measured between the most forward projection of the bonnet/corselet and the furtherest rear projection of the bonnet/corselet)
Media/Materials description
Copper, brass, glass
Manufacturer's moulded insignia (front centre of corselet):
Both the bonnet and the corselet are stamped with the serial number 1679 on the front of the neck rings. And there is a number 10 stamped onto the back of both the upper and lower neck rings.
History and use
Manufactured in 1916-1920 this Draeger 3 bolt, 4 light helmet is clearly stamped with the serial numbers 1679 on the neck rings of both the bonnet and the corselet. The front and side lights do not have grill covers but the top light is fitted with metal cross bars.

This helmet has 4 weight rings, two (2) each on the front and back of the corselet.

Like other German helmet producers, Dräger used the French Denayrouze 3 bolt design as a basis for their helmets and then made adjustments. The Draeger company of Lubeck, Germany, commenced operations in 1909 under Heinrich Draeger. They manufactured gas valves, fire fighting equipment, and mine safety devices. In 1912, the company developed a self-contained dive system combining a 'hard hat' style helmet with a backpack containing compressed oxygen.

The company was passed onto Heinrich's sons, Bernhard and Heinrich Jnr. after his death in 1917 and they continued to build the company becoming Germany's leading manufacturer of diving apparatus, winning numerous patents for diving equipment. They were still in business in 2007 producing helmets for the German Navy as well as participating in a lucrative export trade.

The spelling of the company name has changed over time. Older equipment (until the 1930s) used Draeger. After the 1930s the spelling Dräger has been used.
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