Diving Helmet

Production date
Circa 1940
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Galeazzi la Spezia 'Marina' Diving Helmet, c. 1940 (Italy)
12 bolt, 3 light (window). Standard dress diving helmet. This type of helmet was the Italian Navy Standard from WWII until the development of SCUBA.
MARITIME TECHNOLOGY Diving Diver's helmet
Production date
Circa 1940
Production place
Height 494mm (measured from base of corselet to highest point on bonnet)
Width 360mm (measured between two widest points of of the bonnet and corselet included)
Depth 378mm (measured between the most forward projection of the bonnet/corselet and the furtherest rear projection of the bonnet/corselet)
Media/Materials description
Brass, copper, glass
Manufacturer's name plaque (centre front of corselet). GALEAZZI
This serial number is repeated on the upper and lower neck rings and the front light (window).
'DAVANTI' is stamped on the front centre, left and right, brails.
'DIETRO' is stamped on the back centre left and right brails.
History and use
Prior to WWII the Italians had used the English Siebe Gorman diving equipment but this supply was soon cut upon their alliance with Germany at the commencement of WWII. The Italians began their own production, the most famous being the Galeazzi company. Founded in 1938 by Roberto Galeazzi, the company became especially famous for the production of all kinds of hyperbaric diving equipment, atmospheric diving suits, observation chambers and oceanographic research systems. Besides this they produced diving helmets in three (3) styles: Marina (Italian Navy Standard), Grand Luz (Large Faceplate) and Titano (Lock Device Neck Ring). NOTE: The communications box is placed on the top left of the bonnet.
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