Resurgam II ultralight aircraft

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Australian designed and built single-seat ultra-light aircraft with 4 cyl. pusher engine tubular fuselage and fabric and metal wings and tail. This is an example of the Resurgam II, with the tubular rear fuselage, rather than the latticework rear fuselage of the fist model Resurgam.
CH classification TRANSPORT Aviation ultra light
L5640 x W8530
Media/Materials description
Steel (Metals - Ferrous)
Aluminium (Metals - Non-Ferrous)
Indeterminate Textile (Textiles)
History and use
Based on a 1948 design by Gordon Bedson, the Resurgman was one of several locally built ultralights intended to capitalise on the Australian Department of Transport's innovative Air Navigation Order (95.10), promulgated in 1976.

The prototype, built in 1979, used conventional wood and fabric aircraft manufacturing techniques to allow the amateur builder to construct the aircraft completely from supplied plans without the necessity of purchasing expensive fibreglass mouldings. The Resurgam was regarded as the best microlight of 1981 by the Sports Aircraft Association of Australia and the Minimum Aircraft Flyers’ Association awarded it the best air frame in 1982.

It is unknown how many Resurgams were eventually built, although the total is thought not to exceed a few dozen.
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