Large calibre German artillery shell case

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Empty brass artillery shell case (with discharged primer), thought to be from a German 28 cm SK L/40 gun. The crowned 'M' symbol pressed into the bottom of the case signifies that this shell was accepted by the Imperial Navy (Kaiserliche Marine).
CH classification ARMS & ARMOUR Ordnance cartridge
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H1220 x Dia.320mm
Media/Materials description
Brass (Metals - Non-Ferrous)
(crown) \ M \ PATRONFABRIK \ II \ 1905 \ KARLSRUHE'
History and use
One of the largest trophies acquired during the 1914 - 1918 War was the 28 cm SK L/40 rail gun which the Germans had abandoned near Villiers-Bretonneux in early August 1918.

Subsequently referred to as the 'Amiens Gun', it was returned to Australia as a war trophy and is now displayed outside the Australian War Memorial. This shell may have also arrived in Australian then as part of the Australian War Tropy Collection.

Designed by Krupp in the late nineteenth century, the 28 cm SK L/40 was used in both the 1914 - 1918 and 1939 -1945 wars in naval, rail, and coastal defence installations.

Nineteenth century advances in metallurgy, chemistry, and artillery design, coupled with the adoption of indirect firing techniques (i.e.the firing of a projectile without relying on direct line of sight between the gun and the target) led to the widespread use of large calibre, long range weapons during the twentieth century.
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