Army Driving Licence, Australian Military Forces

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Driving licence issued to Francis James Mouland, folded twice, brown covered military driving licence. Date 8 October 1943
CH classification DOCUMENTS License driving
Production date
L75mm x H115mm (closed)
L230mm x H115mm (open)
Media/Materials description
Indeterminate Textile (Textiles)
Indeterminate (Paper)
folder with x 2 vertical folds. Cover constructed of card covered in mid brown buckrum cloth. Interior wove beige paper adhered in inside. Text printed in black ink. Hand writing in black ink. X2 indellible purple stamps.
History and use
This Australian Military Forces drivers licence was issued to Francis James Mouland in 1943.

It is part of a collection relating to the World War 1 and 2 service of Francis James Mouland, and the World War 2 service of Ellen Margaret Mouland nee Swan. Francis James Mouland enlisted in 1917, returning to Queensland in 1919 after active service in France. Two of his three brothers also served in the War; the Mouland family was one of the fortunate ones where all sons returned home, having survived the War. Francis went on to join the Volunteer Defence Corps (VDC) in World War 2, and his wife Ellen joined an Air Raid Precautions team (ARP) as an Air Raid Warden.
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