Object detail

Wide metal base/ fuel tank rounded with upturned edges and central burner. The adjustment knob on the side of central burner corrects wick height and the decorative prongs hold the glass lamp shade (H27116.2). The wick protrudes from the middle and is covered by the opaque glass cover.
CH classification LIGHTING Kerosene & Oil kerosene lamp
H100 x Dia.110 mm (When lamp is assembled)
Media/Materials description
Indeterminate (Metals - Indeterminate), Indeterminate Textile (Textiles)
History and use
The wick variety of kerosene lamp has a tank for fuel, a cotton wick which sits in the top of the burner, and a small knob for adjusting the height of the wick, and therefore the strength of the light. This lamp has a glass hood or shade held in place by metal prongs to protect the flame from draught. Typically, lamps like these were used in the late 19th, early 20th century and were kept beside the bed to act as a kind of torch. This lamp does not have a carry handle and was most likely used as a stationary bedside lamp.

This object is part of the Marks collection, donated to the Queensland Museum by Dr E.N. Marks. The Marks were a prominent Brisbane family who made significant contributions to the fields of science and medicine.

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