Bangle, Glass

Production date
14 BCE
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Object Detail

Opaque, irregularly circular, beige/yellow glass bangle. Irregular surface wearing. Attributed as bangle, alternatively may be anklet.
CH classification ARCHAEOLOGY Lebanese jewellery
H7mm x W45mm X D45mm
Media/Materials description
History and use
In the ancient world, as it is today, accessorising was an essential element of dressing. A wide range of accessories have been worn throughout time - including crowns, wreaths, veils, hair-pins, head bindings, earrings, necklaces, armbands, bracelets, bangles and rings. All are highly visible, and bring the viewers’ attention to the wearer’s face or body. They are items of display- communicating gender, style, wealth and status in a highly visible way, and expressing the individual identity of the wearer. Some jewellery can even create sound from the movement of the wearer. When worn together, the sound that bangles make as they brush against each other, announce the presence of a person, even before they are seen.
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