Monocular Biological Microscope

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Black enamelled metal microscope with two footed base, serial number 329579, UQ Microscope department MX717. It has separate course and fine focus adjustments on the limb top. Revolving nose peice with two objectives (space for a third). It is missing the top of the eyepeice on the optical tube, but has an adjustable limb for lateral mirror or light source.
CH classification SCIENCES Instruments Optical microscope
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L224 x W247 x H366 mm
Media/Materials description
Indeterminate (Glass) Nickel (Metal Plating) Indeterminate (Metal Plating) Indeterminate (Metals - Ferrous) Indeterminate (Metals - Non-Ferrous) Leather (Animal/Human Remains) Indeterminate (Woods)
<on front of the main optical tube> Ernst Leitz \ Wetzlar \ No32957
<on back and top of the stand > LEITZ \ WETZLAR
<on back of the optical pieces rotating holder> Ernst Leitz \ Wetzlar
<Carved on back of the stand> Mx717
<Engraved on side of the small optical piece > 'Leitz\WETZLAR\GERMANY
History and use
This Leitz Monocular Biological microscope belonged to the University of Queensland Medical School and would have been used in the study of live viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. To use the microscope, samples are placed on slides, and in many cases stained with dye to make transparent specimens visible.

Ernst Leitz were manufacturing optical instruments, lenses, cameras and microscopes from the 1860s and these monocular biological models remained popular staples in many professional and student laboratories. This particular example was placed in the Museum of Microscopy at the University of Queensland until it was donated, as part of their entire microscope collection, to Queensland Museum in 2002.

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