Stereo Microscope with Case and Accessories

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Black enamelled metal microscope, serial number 434067, Microscope Department MX1227. Two-footed base with mirror mounted between the legs, with transparent glass specimen stage on adjustable platform. The coarse and fine focus adjustments are mounted on the limb top. There are two eyepieces and separate objectives on a movable, but not rotating nosepiece. Comes with lens attachments, adjustable armrest and micromanipulator stage.
CH classification SCIENCES Instruments Optical microscope
Production date
Production place
L245 x W268 x H408 mm
Media/Materials description
Indeterminate (Glass) Indeterminate (Metal Plating) Indeterminate (Metals - Ferrous) Indeterminate (Metals - Non-Ferrous) Card/Cardboard (Paper) Indeterminate (Woods)
<on top of the optical tubes holder> E.LEITZ \ WETZLAR \ 434067
<on front of the optical piece> E.LEITZ \ WETZLAR
<on top of the stand> E.LEITZ \ WETZLAR \ Germany
<on top of the optical tubes> G 12,5X Ernst Leitz Wetzlar
<on limb> Mx1227
<on paper strip on the back of the stand> FARM PERM. LOAN
<on card inside the wooden case> Leitz Microscope No.424067 \ Magnification Table \ E.Leitz \ Wetzlar
<on front of the case> Mx.1227
<on top of the platform accessory> En739
<on lid of a glass container> WATSONS
History and use
This microscope, made by German manufacturer Ernst Leitz, was used at the University of Queensland Medical School and later placed in their Museum of Microscopy. A stereo microscope allows the user to view specimens three-dimensionally by using two objectives and two viewing lenses with separate optical paths that give the right and left eye slightly different angles of view. Generally, stereo microscopes use light reflected from an object, rather than passed through it, so it is useful for large or thick specimens, and notably for dissection work, common in medical laboratories.

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