Bottle - Dugong Oil

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Bottle - Dugong Oil, the bottle is made out of clear glass and bears a yellow label with black printed text from Chemist Roush, Brisbane.
Production place
L90 x W55 x H220 mm
Media/Materials description
Indeterminate (Glass)
<Printed on Label> 'STANDARDISED \ MEDICINALLY PURIFIED \ DUGONG \ OIL \ For the prevention of Coughs, \ Colds, Bronchitis and all Pulmonary \ Affections. Also valuable in \ Emaciation and Debility arising \ from disease. \ DIRECTIONS. \ ADULTS: 1 tablespoon three \ times a day. \ CHILDREN: in proportion. \ CHEMIST ROUSH \ Brisbane.
<Printed on label > '20 \ fl.ozs.'
<Stamped into base> 'S 578'
History and use
This bottle once contained dugong oil and was retailed by Chemist Roush in Adelaide Street, Brisbane. Dugong oil was used as a remedy for almost any ache, pain, or illness.

Indigenous Australians use the oil in traditional medicine. Until the commercial trade in dugong oil was banned in the mid-1960s, non-indigenous Australians were also using dugong oil for medicinal and cosmetic production purposes.

The bottle represents and documents European adaptation of Indigenous traditional remedies.

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