Sweet Dish - Pyramid Mountain, Gordonvale

Object detail

White china dish with gold rim and fluted edging. A hand-coloured drawing of Pyramid Mountain, Gordonvale is centred within the dish and depicts a landscape scene of a road bridge crossing a river in the foreground with Pyramid Mountain in the background.
CH classification DOMESTIC EQUIPMENT Food & Drink Consumption Crockery dish
CH classification CIVIC MEMENTOES Souvenirs Ceramics
Dia.107 mm
Media/Materials description
<Printed in black text below image> PYRAMID MOUNTAIN, \ GORDONVALE, QLD.
< Printed in gold text on back of dish.> P.M. Sydney
History and use
This sweet dish forms part of the large ceramic souvenir collection that visually represenst over forty Queensland locations. The ceramics date from the 1920s to the 1960s and were acquired from a range of sources: purchased from the place of origin, purchased in second-hand and antique shops and gifted to the donor.
Some of the depictions on the ceramics display important aspects of the Queensland landscape. ‘Pyramid Mountain’ which is displayed in this image was first named a ‘pyramid’ by the explorer G.E. Dalrymple in 1873 when he gave it the title ‘Walsh’s Pyramid’ after a member of Queensland Parliament. For Aboriginal people of the region the mountain is known as Djarrugan and is the resting place of the ancestral Scrub Hen.
The dish was donated by Allen Callaghan. As well as an avid collector, Mr Callaghan was employed as Press Secretary and Administrator to Queensland Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

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