Gas Powered Fan

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Gas Powered Fan, a small gas flame powers a hot air engine which drives a piston. The piston is coupled to the fan blades producing a breeze. The flame, engine and fan are mounted on a pivoting stand that can be adjusted for vertical angle. Red painted frame, silver painted works, brass fan blades.
CH classification GAS TECHNOLOGY Appliances & Accessories
CH classification DOMESTIC EQUIPMENT Cooling fan
Production date
L320 x W60 x H500 mm
Media/Materials description
Steel (Metals - Ferrous), Brass (Metals - Non-Ferrous)
<Cast on works > 'PATENT \ BROCKWAY & PHILLIPS'
<Cast on frame > 'HARPER PHILLIPS'
History and use
This gas powered fan is a unique object as it represents the competition between gas and electricity appliances in Queensland during the 1920s.

The object is also a rare and unusual piece as it represents a little known application of gas technology.

This particular fan was imported to Queensland by Toowoomba Gas and Coke Co. This company supplied gas to the Toowoomba community from 1878 to 1969.

Uploaded to the Web 27 May 2011.
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