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Intermediate Monarch model Gramophone with burgundy painted morning glory horn. His Master's Voice brand logo (dog symbol) painted on each side of gramophone box. Handle operated, located on right side. Record disc on top. This model had no lid or cover for the turntable. When introduced it sold for around £4.10.
CH classification AUDIO-VISUAL TECHNOLOGY Audio Appliances gramophone
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Brass, steel, wood
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This Intermediate Monarch model Gramophone was manufactured by the British-based Gramophone Company in 1908.

The gramophone is the name given by Emil Berliner to his 1887 talking machine which was the first to use discs as the recording medium. A German immigrant working in the USA, Berliner patented the gramophone recording system in 1887 and 1888. He established the Gramophone Company along with William Barry Owen and Trevor Lloyd Williams in London in 1898 to manufacture and distribute gramophone machines and discs. On their 1898 model machine the company first used the famous “His Master’s Voice” logo which featured the dog ‘Nipper’ listening to a gramophone.

Gramophones were in use in Queensland as early as 1898 where they were used mainly as part of public entertainment. At a gathering at the Corinda School of Arts reported in the Brisbane Courier in June 1898, the gramophone was used to play songs, band music and recitations to the guests, with the gramophone being described as “a novelty to nearly all present.” Retailers Lawson and Johnson situated in Queen Street, Brisbane, were the first agents for the sale of Berliner’s gramophone in Queensland in 1899.

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