Inlaid Dressing Chest

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Tall dressing chest of drawers with elaborate inlay work in Queensland timbers. Two full length and two half length drawers in main body of chest. Vanity consists of mirror flanked by three knicknack drawers on each side with a longer drawer under the mirror, and some semi-ornamental high shelves.
CH classification FURNITURE Domestic dressing table
Production place
H2490 x W1320 x D750mm
Media/Materials description
Indeterminate (Woods) - all are Queensland native woods.
Indeterminate (Glass)
History and use
This dressing chest is the one of the first examples of major work by John Mason, an acclaimed Queensland cabinetmaker from Maryborough. Like most of his pieces, this chest is ornate and features inlaid Queensland timbers in striking geometrical patterns, which contrast with ornamental sections and curving lines.

Much of Mason's work was shown to great acclaim in agricultural exhibitions in Queensland in the late 19th and early 20th century. In 1895 this dressing chest was exhibited in Brisbane's National Agricultural and Industrial Association Exhibition, winning first prize. Later it was included in Brisbane's Jubilee Exhibition of 1909, where Mason was awarded a silver medal.

The chest was bequeathed to John Mason's daughter, Mrs Una Vaughan, and it remained in her possession until her death in 1982. It came to the Queensland Museum as a gift from Queensland Art Gallery Board of Trustees as a commemoration of the new building at South Bank in 1986.

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