Horse-Drawn Banner Wagon or Lorry

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Object Detail

Low horse-drawan lorry, green in colour. The vehicle does not have floor boards, and the tray rotates. Used by Brisbane Trades Hall for Labor Day parades to carry banners. Built c1910.
CH classification TRANSPORT Horse wagon
History and use
This wagon was used in trade union processions.It was donated to the Queensland Museum by the Queensland Trades and Labour Council in 1970 (possibly by Jack Edgerton). There are no floor boards as it was used to carry a banner in Labour Day processions in Brisbane from around 1910.
Similar flat top wagons were seen around the railways and docks hauling large loads of wool and other goods. The small wheels make the wagon low to the ground and easy to load. Small wheels also enable tighter cornering than most wagons. Lorrys were intended for short hauls over reasonably good urban roads, country wagons having bigger wheels to negotiate potholes and bogs.
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