Toll ticket for Victoria Bridge

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Ticket made of pink coloured paper, featuring image of a view of bridge spanning river by Watson Ferguson and Co inside a black border. The ticket is rectangular shaped with perforated left hand edge.
CH classification DOCUMENTS Tickets toll
L30 x W53 mm
Media/Materials description
2.S per Dozen / One-Horse Vehicle
<At lower right beneath border> Watson, Ferguson & Co. Lith
History and use
This toll ticket is for the passage of one horse-drawn vehicle across the Victoria Bridge, Brisbane, at a cost of 2 shillings for 12 tickets – a 50 percent saving on the regular 4 pence toll.Tolls to cross the Brisbane River began with the construction of the second Victoria Bridge in 1874.

The Victoria Bridge depicted on the ticket was the fourth structure to cross the Brisbane River at that location. The first timber bridge, built in 1865, lasted two years before being destroyed by marine borers. The second bridge was completed in 1874 and named after the ruling British sovereign, Queen Victoria. It was destroyed by flood in 1893. A third bridge was erected that year, but it was destroyed by floods three years later. The fourth bridge, pictured on the ticket, was opened in 1896. Constructed of iron with stone abutments at each end the bridge was used by horse-drawn traffic, trams, pedestrians and later motor vehicles, until it was demolished and replaced by the current Victoria Bridge in 1969. The stone abutments of the 1896 bridge are still in place on the river banks.

The ticket was designed and printed by Watson, Ferguson and Co. Queensland’s longest running printing company, established in 1868 and still operating today.

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