Prussian pickelhaub Artillery

Production date
Pre 1919
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Object detail

Bavarian Model 1915 pickelhaub of the kind issued to enlisted soldiers. The remains of a coat of black laquer is visible. Crown is fitted with small knob pierced with holes, for the display of plumes. Internal leather lining is present but accessories such as the chinstrap are missing. The helmet has been distorted and pushed in on one side. Front plate has become detached. Front plate is emblazoned with the coat of arms of Bavaria in the pattern in use between 1835 and 1918.

Original register description - Remains of black laquer surface. Grey painted iron trim and badge "In treye rest" Poor condition.
ARMS & ARMOUR Armour helmet
Production date
Pre 1919
Production place
L270 x W184 x H150 mm (helmet)
L111 x W87 x H24 mm (front plate)
Media/Materials description
Leather, steel.
In treue resi
History and use
This Bavarian Model 1915 pickelhaube is missing its removable spike. Internal markings indicate associations with both the 1st battalion, 4th company of the 150th Infantry Regiment, and an unspecified a Maschinengewehr Kompanie (MGK).

This is part of the Father Leo Hayes Collection, which formerly belonged to University of Queensland Anthropology Museum.

A legacy of the early nineteenth century, the leather German Pickelhaube was found unsuitable for the demanding conditions of trench warfare offering no protection against shrapnel. Both Commonwealth and German forces introduced steel helmets after 1916.
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