Guy Boyd

Guy Boyd, (1923 – 1988) was born in Victoria and raised in Murrumbeena, and partnered with the Flegg family in 1946, Norma and Leonard, and brother Ronald, to make ‘Guy Boyd Pottery’. He learnt pottery from his father Merrick Boyd, who is thought of as Australia’s foremost artistic potter. Merrick Boyd began operating a studio from his Murumbeena home from 1913. Some say that Merrick Boyd is the father of Australian Studio pottery. This is of course debatable, but there can be no doubt of the artistic dynasty founded by Merric Boyd and his wife, Doris Lucy Gough. Due to the restrictions during WWII little art pottery was produced during the first half of the 1940’s, but from 1945 production began again with almost a vengeance. From this period onwards there was a movement towards hand painted decoration. Guy Boyd Potteries was well known for their use of abstract and figurative under glazes.This change was led by studios such as A.M. Boyd, Martin Boyd, Carl Cooper, Vande Pottery. Other post war manufactures produced slip cast product, companies such as Diana, Pates, Modern Ceramic Products (MCP) and Casey Ware. In 1948 Guy Boyd Pottery completed a special dinner set for Guy’s famous Uncle Martin, who was a writer based in Europe. It was suggested to Guy tha the name Martin Boyd Pottery would be a good name for the business and it was soon changed from ‘Guy Boyd Pottery to ‘Martin Boyd Pottery’ in that same year. In 1950, Ronald Flegg bought the business and name from Guy Boyd. Guy Boyd then went on to open his own pottery in Melbourne producing pottery until 1965. Guy Boyd moved to Bentleigh at Melbourne and made small variety of hand made pieces marke 'Guy Boyd' between 1955-1972. Martin Boyd Pottery was at its peak in 1958 and produced ceramics decorated with Aboriginal hunting scenes and motifs sourced from authentic Aboriginal motifs, and Aboriginal portrait heads and figures. They were marketed through department stores and specialty shops in Sydney. In 1956 QANTAS featured Martin Boyd Pottery in their ‘Airways’ magazine. The business began to suffer in the 1960s recession and it closed in 1963.
The Boyd dynasty includes Guy Boyd, (or Martin Boyd), Arthur Boyd (A.M. Boyd) and David & Hermia Boyd. Of course there are also the many ceramic artists associated with the Boyd’s, such as Hatten Beck, John Perceval, John Howley and Neil Douglas.
Place of Birth
Victoria, Australia
Place of Death
Victoria, Australia


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