European Garden Snail

Cornu aspersum

This species is a very common garden and agricultural pest originally from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, but is now a widespread invader throughout the world. In Australia, it occurs in many temperate regions, but also in tropical areas where there has been significant alteration of microclimate by human activity (e.g. watering of gardens). The shell, which can reach a diameter of 40 mm, is brown with darker spiral bands, yellow speckles and a flame-like pattern. Individuals can been found living under pots, rocks and timber in gardens, parks, nurseries and on agricultural land. The animal is a light greenish brown colour with a pale stripe on the back of its neck and a greenish grey foot.

The European Garden Snail now classified as Cornu aspersum has previously been known as Cantareus aspersus and Helix aspersa.

This unwanted alien occurs throughout most of southern and eastern Australia and northwards to the Atherton Tablelands in north-eastern Queensland.

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