Common Garden Spiders

Spiders are ubiquitous in gardens, houses and urban environments throughout Queensland, and a wide variety of species can easily be found, especially in the eastern tropics and subtropics. The species accounts below highlight some of the more frequently encountered spiders in Queensland backyards.

Tent-Web Spiders
Tent-Web Spiders (genus Cyrtophora) are found throughout eastern and tropical northern Australia, with three species regularly found in urban environments. All build characteristic horizontal orb-webs with a fine silken mesh, pulled-up at the middle in the form of a dome or tent.

Northern Green Jumping Spider
The Northern Green Jumping Spider (Mopsus mormon) is one of Australia’s largest jumping spiders, and a common resident of backyards in tropical climates, including around Brisbane. These spiders actively hunt on vegetation throughout the day, and do not build capture webs.

Golden Orb-Weaving Spiders
The three species of Golden Orb-Weaving Spiders found in Queensland (in the genera Trichonephila and Nephila) are familiar denizens of urban environments throughout the state. Their large vertical orb-webs made of strong, golden silk are a permanent feature in many backyards during the warmer months.

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