Tusked Frog

Adelotus brevis

Identification: The Tusked Frog is medium sized, growing to 40 mm. Its back is brown with dark blotches. The belly is strongly mottled black and white and the groin is bright red. There are two tusk-like teeth at the front of the lower jaw.

Habitat and Range: Found in south-eastern Queensland and north-eastern New South Wales. Lives in rainforests, open forests and woodlands in association with water. Also found in suburban gardens. Declines have been observed in some populations.

Call: The call is a slowly repeated 'Docuk'. The males remain concealed in leaf-litter or hidden beneath the bank while calling.

Breeding: The eggs are laid in a foam nest at the water’s edge and concealed under leaf-litter or vegetation.

Notes: This is the only Australian frog in which the adult male is larger than the female. The tusk-like teeth may be used in aggressive encounters with other Tusked Frogs.

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