Graceful Treefrog

Litoria gracilenta

Identification: The Graceful Treefrog is bright green with yellow slides, belly and feet. The eyes are orange and are marked above by a pale stripe or 'eyebrow' that runs forward to the tip of the snout. This species grows to 45 mm.

Distribution: Found coastally from Cape York, Queensland, to the Gosford area of New South Wales.

Habitat: Lives in open forests, woodlands and suburban gardens.

Habits: Commonly found in vegetation near water.

Breeding: The eggs are laid in a jelly clump on the surface of the water. Development from egg to small frog takes around 2 months.

Call: The call is described as a long growl - 'aaarrrc' or 'waaaaaa'.

Similar species: This species is most similar to the Southern Orange-eyed Treefrog, Litoria chloris.

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